Nut butters are easy to make, to store and travel with, and they are perfect for light nutritional snacking in the hotter months.

Organic Raw Nuts & Seeds: Nature's Multivitamins

image (3)I like to think of organic raw nuts & seeds as nature's multivitamins. These mighty little superfoods are filled with minerals, healthy fats, plant protein, antioxidants and more. They're the complete nutritional package!

Observation studies show that people who consume nuts everyday are less likely to develop diabetes or heart disease, two of the leading causes of death and morbidity.

A Smart Nutritional Choice

Nut & seed butters are a great alternative to peanut butter. I'm not an advocate of peanut butter for two reasons:

  1. For most people, the ratio of inflammatory omega-6 fats to omega-3 fats is too high in their diets, such is the case with peanut butter.
  2. Peanut butter also contains aflatoxin, a mold toxin that is classified as both a carcinogen and a mutagen contributing to inflammation, allergies and disease. Therefore, I recommend experimenting with alternative nut butters.

Get Heart healthy

Eating raw nuts is associated with heart health and the prevention of diabetes. Pistachios specifically, lower the rate in which carbohydrates are absorbed in the body, preventing a spike in blood sugar.

Pistachios are also rich in much needed potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, fiber and monounsaturated fats.

To see health benefits, you only need to eat 1/4 cup of raw seeds/nuts or 2 tablespoons of raw nuts/seed butter each day. Portion control is important because they are high in calories.

The Lemon Pistachio recipe below tastes great with fresh fruit or crisp vegetables for snacking, blended into smoothies, stirred into oatmeal or baked into gluten-free muffins. Combining a high-fat food, such as this nut butter, with a source of carbohydrates helps the body absorb the carbohydrates more slowly. This results in better control of blood sugars and stable energy throughout the day!

This Lemon Pistachio Nut Butter is creamy and richly satisfying with the fresh tasting compliment of lemon. It has spring delight written all over it!

Lemon Pistachio Nut Butter

image (4)Organic Ingredients:

  • 2 TBSP Lemon juice
  • 2 TBSP neutral flavored coconut oil
  • 2 1/2 Cups Raw Pistachios (shelled)


  1. Place ingredients in a high-powered blender or food processor*.
  2. Blend according to your machine's instructions for processing nuts.
  3. The mixture will start out chunky but will smooth out into a paste with blending.
  4. Transfer into a small glass mason jar (4-8 oz.) and refrigerate.

*Be careful not to overheat the machine.

Healthy snacking!

Kelli Rose

Nutritional Chef

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