Lotus Flow Movement offers specialized Balanced Body Barre classes; a natural complement to our movement services. Body Barre is a non-impact workout that burns fat and creates long lean muscles, making your body look and feel alive with energy. It’s the perfect workout for injury prevention, with full-body toning without building bulk. Fitness enthusiasts find it challenging, yet people with aches and pains find this workout to be therapeutic because of the close attention to form and detail within each move.




Trim, tighten, and tone your enbody

Engage your small, accessory muscles, in addition to your larger muscle groups

Develops long, lean muscles

Improve balance and focus

Quickly see results

Develop a dancer's physique

Emphasis on defining problem areas like glutes, legs and upper arms



Barre classes have been helping men and women alike, tone, lift, and tighten for decades. It all started over 50 years ago, when in 1959 Lotte Berk opened up The Lotte Berk Method on Manchester Street in London. After suffering a back injury, Lotte Berk got the idea combining her ballet barre training with rehabilitative therapy, and thus The Lotte Berk Method was born.

Barre is a workout routine that combines elements of ballet, pilates and yoga into an efficient and effective workout. By using your own bodyweight as resistance in while challenging your core stability and balance, barre classes manage to give you the streamlined body of a dancer while reinforcing your strength and muscle tone. Barre workouts are not only very effective but they are also fun as most classes are choreographed to amazing, upbeat music. Many become hooked due to this fun factor, and a result of their frequent barre-going that they become slimmer, stronger and healthier.