February is a very special month at Lotus Flow Movement. It marks our first anniversary and we are celebrating!

cutting the tapeIt was just a year ago, February 7, 2014, when our doors first opened on El Paseo. I really had no idea how much personal growth and how many blessings I would experience as I turned this dream into a reality, and sometimes these came to me in unexpected ways. Let me share some with you.

I love teaching movement; it’s a wonderful gift. With the studio, I’m able to do what I love so much in a place that feels like home. But even more than that, I love that by creating this place we have been able to provide a space for others to teach as well. It brings me joy to see so many talented, dedicated and experienced teachers share their knowledge with our neighbors and friends.

This brings me to perhaps my greatest source of pride and delight as I reflect on our first year – all the Lotus Flow Movement clients who have walked through those doors and experienced the joy of movement. I have been overwhelmed by the support the community has given Lotus Flow Movement, and I have had the privilege of making so many new friends.

champagne public domainThe enthusiasm everyone has brought to Lotus Flow Movement is tremendous. We have grown quickly and seen many changes even in our first year, which, by the way, seemed to go by so fast! I know that more growth, more changes and more opportunities lie ahead and I’m so glad that you will be with us to experience them.

And before I end this, we are officially celebrating with Mimosas and Body Barre at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 7. Start your weekend off right! After an intense, full-body workout we’ll sip some bubbly and lift our glasses to toast everything that Lotus Flow Movement had meant to our community! All levels are welcome.

Cheers to a second successful year!

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Mark your calendars!

for body barre classWe already told you about our Feb. 7 Mimosas and Body Barre event in the above article, but that's not the only special class we have coming up quickly. Sign up for our Feb. 10 Valentine's "Self Love" Body Barre class.

heart_open1Lotus Flow Movement has something else we'd like you to take special note of this month: Heart Disease Awareness. Wear red on Feb. 6 to help raise awareness about the risks of heart disease. It is the number one killer in women but with education and lifestyle changes, we can do much to prevent it in our lives.

For more information, visit the website GoRedForWomen.org and follow the movement on Twitter, @GoRedForWomen.