Lotus Flow Movement is located in the heart of the Coachella Valley in Palm Desert, California. Our passion is to share the joy of movement while awakening the body, mind and soul. We are a catalyst for exceptional health, offering GYROTONIC®, Pilates, Yoga, and Body Barre; we provide individualized and small group classes in a positive, non-intimidating environment. Lotus Flow Movement is dedicated to bettering the quality of life of others through mindful movement practices. Lotus Flow Movement was conceptualized by Natalie Taylor, whose passion for movement spans over 20 years.





Lotus Flow Movement offers private, one-on-one GYROTONIC® and Pilates appointments with our exceptional instructors. Private instruction allows you to work with an instructor on any needs specific to you alone. Whether you are new to GYROTONIC® or Pilates or are a seasoned student, we offer sessions tailored to help you optimize your body’s fitness level.

Duet Pilates appointments can be scheduled with a friend or partner. A duet session allows for a great deal of personal attention, but at a reduced cost vs. that of a private session. Duet instruction has the added benefit of working out with a partner, which can be fun and motivating. We recommend duets for clients who are similar in their level of GYROTONIC® or Pilates experience.

Our group apparatus classes allow for only 3 clients per class. With the commitment to quality of each session, the intimate size of our apparatus classes ensures that each client is receiving a high level of attention. Our apparatus class are evolved, challenging, and results-driven, leaving clients with a sense of accomplishment and mindfulness. To maintain the experience of the class, we require clients to be familiar with the GYROTONIC® and Pilates apparatus before enrolling in group apparatus class.



    • PRIVATE ~ $80/hr
    • PRIVATE Package of 5 sessions ~ $385.00 ($77)
    • PRIVATE Package of 10 sessions ~ $750.00 ($75)
    • PRIVATE First Time Intro session ~ $45.00
    • DUET on Equipment ~ $55/hr/person
    • DUET Package of 5 sessions ~ $265.00 ($53)
    • DUET Package of 10 sessions ~ $500.00 ($50)
    • GROUP of 4 on APPARATUS ~ $35/hr/person
    • GROUP Package of 5 sessions ~ $165.00 ($33)
    • GROUP Package of 10 sessions ~ $310.00 ($31)
    • PRIVATE Session With Owner or Guest Teacher ~ $100/hr
    • PRIVATE Package of 5 sessions ~ $485.00
    • PRIVATE Package of 10 sessions ~ $950.00



Our Pilates Mat classes take place in our Flow Room and are limited to 8 clients per class. Pilates Mat work is built on the foundations of the Pilates repertoire. Utilizing the body’s core muscles, mat classes specifically focus attention on the flow of movement. Our Pilates Mat program will build endurance, balance, and strength. Each class will leave one feeling taller, stronger and more in tune with one’s body. Small Pilates props may also be used in our mat classes.

Lotus Flow Movement offers specialized Balanced Body Barre classes; a natural complement to our movement services. Body Barre is a non-impact workout that burns fat and creates long lean muscles, making your body look and feel alive with energy. It’s the perfect workout for injury prevention, with full-body toning without building bulk. Fitness enthusiasts find it challenging, yet people with aches and pains find this workout to be therapeutic because of the close attention to form and detail within each move. We limit our class sizes to 8 people, less than half of what other studios allow, as we are committed to personalized attention and maintain the safety and integrity of each class for our clients.Be ready to find power within a stretch. Raise the BARRE, challenge your performance, and change your appearance with Balanced Body Barre!

The Gyrokinesis Lotus Blossom classes were originally developed by Juliu Horvath as part of his GYROKINESIS® Rejuvenation Course,The Sequence of movements provides an energetic release, cleansing the entire system, re-organizing, and refreshing body, and mind.



    • DROP in Class ~ $22/hr
    • DROP in Class Package of 5 sessions ~ $100 ($20)
    • DROP in Class Package of 10 sessions ~ $22 ($18)
    • All Session are approximately 55 minutes long
    • Each session requires an appointment
    • A 24 hour cancellation is required or you will be charged for the session
    • The 5 or 10 session packages expire 90 days from purchase date