Our Manifesto
Lotus Flow Movement is an exercise facility for everyone –so effective, so addictive! We have created an environment to revitalize, refresh, and renew the mind, body, and soul.

Our mission is to reach those who want to gain positive results through effective movement practices; we want to show the positive results they can achieve when given the gift of a well-toned body, mind, and soul through Pilates, GYROTONIC®, Yoga, and Body Barre.

We fiercely believe that these techniques can lead to a mind-body transformation that will change the life of those who embrace it.



Certified Master Pilates Instructor

Diana received her Master's in 1983 in Exercise Physiology and is a member of ACSM. Prior to teaching Pilates, she worked over 17 years in the Pain Medicine Industry.  Now she has been teaching Pilates for over 22 years also having owned a Certifying Studio for the PhysicalMind Institute for 10 of those years in Austin, Texas. There she offered  Prenatal-Postpartum programs, Pilates Rehabilitation programs through physician referrals, offered the conditioning training program for the University's of Texas Jr. Swim Program and offsite classes  for Barton Creek Country Club as well as the corporate offices of Motorola. She trained instructors and certified them in both the Initiation and Concentration 101 and 201 courses for the PhysicalMind Institute based out if New York since 1998 and now is specializing in rehabilitation with Polestar Pilates. She loves teaching individuals more about their own bodies by conditioning and moving past injuries, helping them with degenerative issues and assisting them in making their own postural corrections through normal daily activities.



Certified Pilates, Power Plate, Silver Sneakers Instructor & Aroma Touch Therapist

Michelle Steadman as been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She is a certified Pilates instructor from Core Conditioning . Michelle is also a certified Power Plate instructor, certified Johnny G Spinning instructor, Certified Silver Sneakers Instructor and a Certified Aroma Touch Therapist.
Michelle is very passionate about teaching pilates and educating people about their bodies. She enjoys working with people at all fitness levels and wants them to know it is never to late to start on the road to health and well being. Michelle has grown up in the desert. She has been happily married for 15 years and has a son that is 14 years old. She is the creator and owner of a nutritional bar company called TRUElicious, Inc.The Raw Superfood Bar is currently on the market



Certified: Fascial Stretch Therapy, GYROTONIC®, Pilates for Golf, Nordic Walking, Personal Fitness Trainer, Medical Exercise Specialist, USPTA Tennis Teaching Pro, Redcord Active Cord

As a member of the BABY BOOMER GENERATON, Barbara is an “Active Aging Expert”. Her focus is on motivational “seniorhood” consulting and doing Pilates therapy on clients with “tissue issues”. Barbara recently authored her first book “Fighting Gravity” that can be found on Amazon and on her web site www.retrofitpilates.com
She has a degree in Kinesiology and is faculty with UCLA extension, Balanced Body University and American Council on Exercise.

Barbara is an Ironman Triathlete, has completed 60 marathons, many ultra marathons and road races and is a ranked 5.0 Pickleball player and medal winner in the Huntsman World Senior Games and the National Senior Pickleball Games. Barbara is one of the first 40 women worldwide to have run a marathon on all 7 continents.


Maria Patakas

Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor

Since childhood, the art form of movement and dance has been Maria Patakas’ passion. Upon graduation from high school, she was recommended by her school choir director to audition for the Oscar-winning performance troupe, The Young Americans – even though she had not previously been given much formal training. Maria was thrilled and honored to be selected to join the company. In addition to performing, she and her fellow members taught workshops for children in the fifth grade through high school, spreading their love of music, singing, and dance while imparting the valuable lessons of discipline, confidence, and teamwork. Teaching came naturally to Maria, and she was delighted by the growth and pure joy she observed in the children she was privileged to instruct.

Maria loves GYROTONIC® because it has not only resolved some minor injuries she sustained from her performing days, but it has increased her strength and flexibility while reducing residual pain and soreness. Encouraged by these positive results in her own life, Maria wanted to share her experiences with others, and so she embarked on her journey to become a certified GYROTONIC® instructor. Trained by Lisa Marie Goodwin, one of the best in the world and one of the few Specialized Master Trainers of GYROTONIC®, who founded In-Spiraling Movement Arts in Los Angeles, Maria is excited to teach the art of movement to those who are rea



Founder and owner of Lotus Flow Movement

Certified GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Instructor and Pre-trainer
Certified GYROTONIC® specialized equipment
Certified GYROTONIC® therapeutic applications
Certified Pilates and Body Barre

A native of Colorado, Natalie became fascinated with dance at a very young age; devoted to ballet, she achieved a position as a
professional dancer with the Colorado Ballet. After suffering a career-ending dance injury in 2001, she channeled her love of
movement into The GYROTONIC® method after using it to help heal her dance injuries. As a result of the healing and progress she experienced with her own body, Natalie embraced GYROTONIC® and Pilates as her new career, becoming a certified instructor in both methodologies. She has taught abroad as well as in New York City, California, and at two different studios in Colorado for over a decade while also choreographing and performing in her multimedia-production dance company, Iced Facade.

Natalie was hired by The Vintage Club in Indian Wells, California, specifically for her experience, education and knowledge of The GYROTONIC® method, as well as Pilates. During her six years at The Vintage Club, Natalie was instrumental in the development of the GYROTONIC® and Pilates programs. Her diverse clientele
provided a wide range of challenges, including assisting
professional athletes with specialized flexibility and performance training. In addition, she enacted therapeutic applications to clientele with severe back pain and various injuries related to advanced age. Natalie also has over a decade of experience in utilizing these methods and techniques in conjunction with rehabilitation work. She has discovered how powerful The GYROTONIC® method and Pilates can be in healing and has found this work to be profound in reversing the aging process.

A certified Pre-Trainer qualified to teach mandatory prerequisites prior to beginning teacher training in both GYROTONIC® and GYROTONIC®, Natalie is also uniquely certified in all of the GYROTONIC® specialized equipment. She has completed all of the therapeutic courses, as well as GYROTONIC® for Golf, created by golf pro, David Rasmussen, to better enhance golfers’ range of motion and quality control.

Natalie is dedicated to continuing her education to keep her level of instruction of the highest caliber possible; she is continuing her studies in GYROTONIC® education with a goal of becoming one of a few, select Master Trainers. She is also certified in all Pilates apparati, Mat Pilates and Balanced Body Barre. She is fortunate to have studied with numerous top masters, including the inventor/creator of The GYROTONIC® method, Juliu Horvath as well as under the tutelage, Owner/Founder of Center Strength Pilates, in Denver, Colorado associated with The Physical Mind
Institute. No matter what her client’s challenges or specific training needs may be, patience, inspiration and encouragement are all key components of her positive teaching style. Natalie finds much
inspiration and happiness in helping others reaching their fitness goals as well as providing relief to those in pain.

Opening her own studio, Lotus Flow Movement, allows Natalie to share the joy of movement in a space for even more people to
experience The GYROTONIC® method, Pilates, Yoga, Body Barre and all the benefits of mindful movement. Using the knowledge attained over thirteen years of teaching, she is committed to helping better the quality of the lives of others and be a catalyst for healthy living. Natalie looks forward to being of service by sharing her passion for of mindful movement practices with the Coachella Valley.



Fascial Stretching Therapy, Fitness Instructor (NASM,NCSF,AFAA), TRX (Suspension Trainer)

Omar Almanza is a Certified Fascia Stretch Therapist (FST) serving the desert communities. He received his certification through STRETCH TO WIN Institute for Level 1 Fascia Stretch Therapy.
With over 20 years’ experience as a professional in the fitness industries, Omar has found flexibility to be his clients’ missing link in functional movement of everyday life. Through FST, his clients have been able to achieve better physical performance, reduced pain, faster recovery and an improved quality of life. FST provides real results that are felt immediately. Omar is excited to be a part of the Lotus Flow team of professionals and is looking forward to assisting others in better movement.