"The beginning is the most important part of the work." – Plato, philosopher

Here we are at the beginning of a new year, looking forward to the adventures and challenges ahead. I know that I’m inspired by all the wonderful things that happened to the Lotus Flow Movement family during 2015 and that is propelling me into 2016 with real joy and anticipation. I hope that the same is true for you!

Many of you have probably made a few New Year’s resolutions and I suspect “getting into better shape” ranks high on a lot of those lists! Well, I want you to know that we’re here for you at Lotus Flow!

So many people make fantastic New Year’s resolutions with the best intentions, but soon have trouble following through. Many times they fail because they don’t have the support and encouragement they need. Team up with the loving, caring professionals at Lotus Flow in 2016 and fulfill the promise of getting into better shape this year.

natalieAnd to jump start your year, how about joining our Tasty Tip chef, Kelli Rose for a three-day juice cleanse? You get five different 16-ounce juices every day for three days. Each juice is a different blend for specific cleansing and nutrition. All the juices are organic and cold pressed. The cost is only $150 and more details – along with a great recipe for a “Beginner's Green Juice” – are below.

“A good beginning makes a good end.” – English Proverb

Wishing you a great, prosperous, blissful, healthy, bright, delightful, energetic and extremely happy New Year 2016!

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Juice Cleanse for the New Year

Why Juice Cleanse?

jarsJuice cleansing enables the body to naturally detoxify while simultaneously flooding it with live nutrients and enzymes, addressing underlying nutritional deficiencies. As we live, eat, breathe and workout, we accumulate toxins in the body. It is important part of good health to take the time to release ourselves of these toxins, as they lead to problems that affect our body, mind and physical performance.

We spend an enormous amount of energy on the constant strain of digestion. When we stop eating solid foods, our organs are no longer overwhelmed. All that blood and energy is free to move to the brain, the skin and the liver, and we are able to attend to the neglected issues of our body to remove the toxins while giving the digestive system a much-needed break. All the while you are flooding your system with over 20 pounds of 100 percent organic, raw produce!

These cleanses are made to support your body in its own detoxification process as you go about your daily routine. For each cleanse day, you are provided 5 juices, a nurturing and healing daily dose of juice. This is a time to support your body not deprive it.

Some signs that it is time to cleanse include: a weakened immune system, troubled skin, allergies, low moods or anger, sleeplessness, poor digestion, weight gain, low energy, slow workout recovery and just feeling and looking blah.

Before Starting:

It is recommended that before you begin a cleanse you start by cutting out some things a few days earlier: Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, refined sugar, animal products, and wheat.

For pre-cleanse, consume: raw foods, broths, sea vegetables, juices, smoothies, and lots of filtered water for a more comfortable cleanse.

Before you cleanse is a good time to schedule your colonic. It is not a must, but it's highly recommended. It's an effective, fast way to release a lot of toxins. Colonics are very effective for helping to relieve common cleansing systems: headaches, light-headedness, skin blemishes or moodiness.

During the Cleanse:

take care of your bodyThe following are recommendations to make your experience more enjoyable.

Drink all of your juices everyday, either in a constant drip or by setting an alarm to have a juice at least every three hours.

Continue to drink filtered water, plain coconut water or any herbal teas you may desire.

Give yourself the time and space to rest. There is a lot of cleaning and healing going on below the surface. Listen to your body! If you feel a bit run down then take it easy!

For aiding your body in the process of releasing toxins: sweating (be sure not to let that toxic sweat sit on your skin, rinse off, or you will reabsorb the toxins), exfoliating your skin, moving (regular cardio routine, stretching, yoga, massage, Aromatouch Techique.)

Common results of regular juice cleansing include: sharper clarity, a grounded calm, a sense of body lightness, improved digestion/elimination and a natural energy from within. Sleep will come easily and be deep; rising will feel effortless. You will be charged on revived energy and stamina.

Your skin will glow, your eyes will shine, your body's weight will balance (1-2 lbs. loss per day), and you will be buzzing with a feeling of natural health.

Post Cleanse:

Coming off of a juice cleanse properly is an important part of the whole picture. For the first day it’s best to just add soups, smoothies and salads. In the following two days you want to come down from the cleanse the way you prepared for it – eating cleanly and avoiding those same items. Part 2 Fresh Food Cleanse is designed for a juice cleanse transition, made and delivered to you!

Certified Gourmet Raw Foods Chef/Instructor & Nutritional Professional – Kelli Rose

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DISCLAIMER: Cleanses are intended for nutritional enrichment, not for medical treatment. I am not a medical doctor and I cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. Any information garnered from me should not be interpreted as a substitute for a physician's consultation, evaluation, or treatment.

Beginner's Green Juice

Let's take the guesswork out of making a wonderfully nutritious green juice. With some fresh organic produce and a good juicer, you'll enjoy instant success with this recipe!


beginners green juice