tennis racquet ball public domainI had the privilege to write an article for Desert Golf & Tennis magazine on how tennis players are discovering the great benefits of GYROTONIC® exercise.

We were even able to illustrate the article with some wonderful pictures that provide readers with a visual introduction to what we do at Lotus Flow Movement.

I've reproduced the article below, but if you want to see it on the Desert Golf & Tennis website you'll find it here. I'm sure you'll also discover other articles that you'll find interesting and informative.

Also, are you following the Paribas Open Tennis Tournament at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden? The best tennis professionals in the world arrived in our area March 9 and battle one another through to the finals on March 22.

I hope some of these pros have discovered how GYROTONIC® exercise can improve their game, and if they haven't they can receive a great introduction at Lotus Flow Movement!

Wishing you love and aces always!

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By Natalie Taylor

For Desert Golf & Tennis

Sit beside tennis courts for a while and you’ll see players of all ages and all abilities. You’ll watch them get good aerobic exercise as well as work virtually all the muscle groups and stretch their bodies from the tips of their toes on up.

Pairing up the demands of tennis with a comprehensive exercise system is no small feat, but that’s exactly what can be accomplished with the GYROTONIC® Expansion System.

Developed on the strength and movement fundamentals of ballet, gymnastics, swimming, martial arts and yoga, the GYROTONIC® equipment is used in exercise routines that increase strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and even endurance. With that list of attributes, it’s no wonder that the GYROTONIC® Expansion System is quickly gaining popularity with players of all abilities.

Range of motion exercised

upper body chest expansionTennis players are always working on the form and alignment of their upper and lower bodies because the sport requires balance, strength and coordination from a virtually infinite variety of positions. Exercise routines with the GYROTONIC® equipment take tennis players through a wide range of motions that are designed to strengthen individual muscle group and enhance the players’ range of motions.

Tennis players at every level – and their opponents – know the strengths and weaknesses of one another’s games. Once you are accustomed to working out on the GYROTONIC® Expansion System you’ll discover that it reveals your physical weaknesses to you. You’ll sense where your strength, flexibility and balance need to be improved.

Because tennis is a “one-sided” sport – you’re either right or left handed – overuse is a common problem. GYROTONIC® exercises help balance out your weaker side and improve your symmetry. As you continue your workouts with the system, you’ll notice the improvements you’re making.

It probably won’t be long before your opponents notice too.

Strength and spinal rotation

If you’ve taken tennis lessons any time during your playing days, your teachers have probably discussed the importance of spinal rotation to gain power and control of your strokes. For power, that rotation needs to be coupled with great balance as well as with strong back muscles, abdominals and wrists. All of these elements come together in GYROTONIC® system workouts.

upper body rotation twist and pullMany GYROTONIC® exercise routines are fluid combinations of motions that create their own natural rhythm. The motions you make during your workout on the GYROTONIC® equipment are smooth and they flow into one another without stopping. There are no jarring motions that are sometimes associated with other exercise systems. You experience an uninterrupted contraction and extension of muscles through the smooth rotation of your joints.

Also, if you are accustomed to other exercise routines, you’ll immediately see how the GYROTONIC® system is different. Standard exercises have a linear quality to them. The spiraling, rotational movements of GYROTONIC® put it in an entirely different category.

Barbara Wintroub, a local certified USPTA tennis teaching professional, has been working out with the GYROTONIC® Expansion System at Lotus Flow Movement, a boutique studio in La Quinta, and is enthusiastic about it.

“GYROTONIC® has been instrumental in keeping my spine flexible, rotational and pain free during tournament competition and while teaching,” according to Wintroub. Although Wintroub is a tennis professional, Lotus Flow Movement is introducing players of all calibers to the GYROTONIC® system. And while we’re focusing on tennis here, many of the same GYROTONIC® principles and benefits apply to golf.

As experienced players know, injuries sometimes seem to be as much a part of tennis as are double faults.

That makes it wise for players to find ways to improve their game that don’t involve “pounding the pavement.” And if you’re beginning to seriously consider the GYROTONIC® Expansion System as a way to enhance your play, you should know that in many ways, physical injuries inspired its invention.

Invented by dancer

Romanian-born Hungarian Juliu Horvath, the system’s inventor, was a principle dancer with the Romanian National Ballet Company. While on tour in Italy in 1970 he defected and ended up dancing in the United States, first in New York and later in Houston.

upper body shoulder openingUnfortunately, injury is as common in dance as it is in tennis; it was in Houston when he tore his Achilles tendon and that prompted his study of yoga. Horvath got more deeply involved in exploring the connection between movement and meditation, uncovering the new insights that eventually led to his establishing a “Yoga for Dancers” system.

Although originally intended for professional dancers, his classes quickly grew as individuals of all abilities wanted to enjoy the benefits of the way he had adapted yoga. The fundamentals of Yoga for Dancers eventually led to Horvath developing his GYROTONIC® equipment.

Knowing that it was a career-ending injury that pushed Hovarth down the road toward developing the GYROTONIC® Expansion System, you can be assured that it is gentle on your body while it works to strengthen and improve flexibility.

Reduce the chance of injury

jumping stretching board hamstringOf course, the other side of the injury issue is that as a tennis player, you will become less prone to injuries as you improve your flexibility, coordination and balance – areas that get a great workout with GYROTONIC® routines.

Lastly, there are two more ways that using GYROTONIC® will push your tennis game to new levels that deserve a mention. First, you’ll find that routines also have a cardiovascular-aerobic element, which will boost your stamina. Second, breathing and maintaining your focus are also central to the system. These will translate directly to your time on the courts.