Not long ago I had the privilege to write an article for Desert Golf & Tennis magazine on how tennis players are discovering the great benefits of GYROTONIC® exercise. I’m excited to announce that I’ve been able to do the same thing with golf!

If you browse the April-May edition of Desert Golf & Tennis magazine, you’ll find a wonderful article that explains – and illustrates – how GYROTONIC® exercise can really improve your golf game.

You can read the article here, but if you would like to see it in the magazine itself and perhaps read some of the other great features, you’ll find it here.

Wishing you smooth swings and long drives!

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By Natalie Taylor

For Desert Golf & Tennis

There may not be any single act in sports that’s more difficult to consistently execute than properly hitting a golf ball, and there’s certainly no greater thrill than those moments when everything falls into place and you hit the ideal shot.

But let’s put the emotional element of the game to the side for the moment and listen to what noted PGA Tour Instructor David Rasmussen says about the game: “Good golf begins and ends with a good swing and a good swing is a physical act.”

That’s a deceptively simple basic fact that every golfer – professionals and amateurs alike – needs to understand. And it’s the reason the golf world has always been prime territory for selling all kinds of gizmos, gadgets and systems “guaranteed” to improve a player’s game. However, few of these take a holistic approach to the “physical act” required for a good swing and that’s why they are all eventually tossed aside.

Putting it all together

“I’ve worked out all my life and have lifted weights to get stronger for golf, but I’ve found myself fighting the same battle most golfers fight: How do you get stronger and still stay flexible?” says local professional golfer Brian Miller. You see, to build the good golf swing Rasmussen talks about it requires a variety of elements:

  • Increased speed and accuracy,
  • Improved shoulder and hip turn,
  • Posture adjustments,
  • Improved pelvic mobility, and
  • Better concentration and focus.

pic1When these elements are put together, you make better contact with the ball, it goes further in the direction you want it to go, and you’re able to control the ball’s trajectory better. The secret golfers are always looking for is a training system that combines all of these elements so they can finally make real progress improving their game and that’s what GYROTONIC® training for golfers is able to do.

Strength, speed and flexibility required

“With a golf swing, you need a strong core and the ability to create separation between your body parts. Along with weights, I’ve done yoga, Pilates and other exercise techniques to achieve this, all with limited results. But when I started GYROTONIC® training, it blew my mind,” explains Miller.

pic2“Half of the exercises and positions I was put in were identical to the golf swing. After only two months I realized that I had finally found a way to create separation between my upper and lower body and my swing greatly improved,” he adds.

Players who start GYROTONIC® training for golfers find that the system increases strength, flexibility and speed – each an essential element if you want to achieve your ideal golf swing. Rasmussen was perhaps the first golfer to realize this and it prompted him to develop a special approach for applying the GYROTONIC® system to help golfers improve their game.

Special golf program developed

pic3Along with GYROTONIC® founder and creator Juliu Horvath, Rasmussen developed a special GYROTONIC® Applications for Golf program to train instructors. I’m one of the first GYROTONIC® instructors to complete both levels of the program and I’ve learned so much studying with Rasmussen, who has worked with more than 20 tour professionals in his career, including Mark Wilson, Bobby Clampett and Keith Clearwater.

Working with local golfers, I’ve seen how GYROTONIC® training can quickly improve their game. This often comes after years of frustration caused by trying all kinds of exercises that failed to truly replicate the motion required for a great golf swing.

pic4I should also add that GYROTONIC® training improves hand-eye coordination, balance, concentration, cardiovascular fitness and spinal rotation. Further, along with improving your game, it is great for keeping you healthy and injury free. Sadly, we’ve seen all the back problems that plague many tour pros, including Tiger Woods. GYROTONIC® exercises will help keep your back strong, flexible and ideally toned and tuned to support your golf swing.

The beauty of a good swing

If you’ve ever taken lessons, or watched golf analysts dissect swings during a professional tournament, you know the importance of a graceful, fluid and perfectly timed stroke. These are exactly the kinds of motions that you achieve with GYROTONIC® exercise routines. When you compare these movements with those typical in repetition-based health club machines, you immediately see how the GYROTONIC® Expansion System far better complements what you are trying to achieve in golf. Also, anyone who has been seriously involved in free weight strength building routines, knows that they can lead to the loss of flexibility, which is critical in the game of golf.

pic5At their best, golf swings are beautiful and almost a kind of visual poetry that combines speed, balance and power. With this said, it’s probably no surprise that Horvath, who designed the GYROTONIC® Expansion System, comes from the world of dance. Originally from Romania, he defected in 1970 and eventually settled in New York. After an injury ended his dance career, he began to seriously study the connection between movement and meditation, developing a “Yoga for Dancers” system. This eventually led to the invention of his GYROTONIC® equipment, which provides the core of our GYROTONIC® training for golfers.

I urge you to experience GYROTONIC® training for yourself. There’s only so much I can communicate and explain in words and pictures. After all, as Rasmussen says, a good swing is a “physical activity” and there is ultimately no substitute for physically experiencing the various exercises that comprise GYROTONIC® training for golfers. If you want to play better, enjoy the game more and guard yourself against injury, take a “swing” at it.

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