beach-241972_640I’m not going to complain about spending a month in Hawaii as a guest instructor at The Mindful Movement Center of Maui, but it's nice to be back on the mainland.

I haven't settled back into my Lotus Flow Movement "home" yet, though. I'll be doing a little more guest teaching "on the go." Starting July 15, I'll be teaching at a Napa Valley vineyard, so if your summer travels take you to the wine country, please contact me and we'll schedule a very special session together.

But even though I've been living out of suitcases this summer, I haven't lost touch with the Lotus Flow Movement team. We are always trying to improve our offerings at LFM. We recognize the fact that there are a wide range of needs in our community and that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution that helps everyone achieve the health and conditioning goals that they have set for themselves.

With this in mind, we’re introducing Muscle Stretch Therapy and Fascia Stretch Therapy for our clients. I go into more depth in the following short article, but if you have any additional questions contact the studio to discover if it’s a therapy that will help you meet your goals.

Maria, Michelle, Kelli are offering Pilates, GYROTONIC® and our new stretching therapies sessions and you can always book appointments by calling 760-568-3569.

All the best from your health and fitness nomad!

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Discover the healing power of fascia stretch therapy, manual stretch therapy

The NFL’s “secret weapon” is coming to Lotus Flow Movement, and no, you don’t have to be a burly linebacker to benefit from this therapy.

Many of us have experienced flexibility problems due to overuse, repetitive movements, or injuries that cause certain muscles to “shut off.” They just won’t “fire properly” and the condition hampers our movement. Our range of motion is inhibited, our strength suffers and it prevents us from fully enjoying the activities that enrich our daily lives.

Stretch_therapyThe “secret weapon” that helps solve these problems is fascia stretch therapy (FST) and manual stretch therapy (MST). As I said in the opening, professional athletes have depended on these therapies to get them in top physical condition and game ready for a number of years.

Muscles and connective tissues can become seemingly “glued” to the point where they severely restrict movement. Combining FST and MST frees these tissues in a way that has been described by some as “releasing the parking brake.” Through MST, we find the weakest link in your kinetic chain of movement and through the therapy, we bring things back into alignment and isolate the muscles so correct the neurological communications and movement patterns can be reestablished.

Kelli Rose, who does so much great work at Lotus Flow Movement, is a certified Fascia Stretch Therapist and Manual Stretch Therapist. When these therapies are combined with  GYROTONIC® exercise, the transformation can be dramatic.

Please call the studio to get more details and see if you will benefit from these therapies.