“I would like to thank Natalie Taylor and for providing an affordable community class for our clients to learn dance. Our program is based on partnering with community members such as with Natalie, and we value the importance of making dance accessible to all people. Toolworks supports adults with developmental disabilities in achieving their goals through volunteer, recreation and skill-building activities. Working with Natalie was a fun part of our program; she made dance accessible to us in San Francisco. We really value our partnership and hope to be able to continue working together in the future.”

~ Sarah Hillen, Toolworks, Inc.

“Natalie has made me a true believer in the GYROTONIC® discipline!!  I am a senior over 60;  GYROTONIC® and have been a Pilates student of Natalie’s for over 5 years. During much of that time, I suffered from PMR, a disease which causes extreme joint pain and inflammation. Natalie kept me moving through it all, and because of her extraordinary knowledge, wonderful patience and encouragement, helped me maintain my strength and flexibility – and even advance to some level 2 work!!   Natalie is a lovely, energetic young lady with a positive, motivational teaching style. She is an inspiration to all her students!!”

~ Marcia Messmer

“I’ve been going to Natalie for several years. Her energy, her overall knowledge of GYROTONIC® and Pilates, knowing how much one wants from their session, and her bubbly personality always bring me back for more. Not to mention how much fun she makes our sessions. I started with Pilates and now the added GYROTONIC® is a big plus! The strength and flexibility you gain is tremendous. I’m a golfer and there is no doubt that it has helped my swing. In the past I would start an exercise routine and end up quitting. I know I won’t with GYROTONIC® and Pilates!”

~ Cindy Callaway

“Over the last 40 years, I have participated in a wide variety of exercises from aerobics to yoga. Three years ago, I discovered GYROTONIC®; it has been the best for giving me increased strength and flexibility, renewed energy, vitality and a general sense of calm and well being. Natalie makes it happen! Five stars!”

~ Stephen Doyle, Client

“Natalie was such a pleasure to have in the Level 2 GYROTONIC® Applications For Golf Workshop. She is one of the best GYROTONIC® instructors I know and one of the first to complete both Level 1 and Level 2 Golf. Natalie has as much experience working with and teaching golfers as anyone. Any golfer who works with her will have a wonderful opportunity to greatly improve their golf skills.”

~ David Rasmussen, GYROTONIC® for Golf

“I’ve worked out with Natalie twice a week and have learned so much about GYROTONIC® and Pilates!! I became pain-free in my two sports under her personal care. As a competitive hunter jumper rider and golfer, I play to win! Thank you Natalie! You are the best !

~ Debra Chambers