Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it would be wonderful if we could all give thanks with pure hearts and spirits. Sounds good, doesn't it? But where does it begin?

It begins with surrender, because one must first surrender to make space for the new! Lotus Flow Movement has a wonderful event planned to start the Thanksgiving season.

Our November 8 YOGA with Essential Oils workshop

will help increase your energy, and calm your mind. You'll discover the power of the oils to assist in emotional healing by releasing stagnant energy, feelings and blockages. These essential oils are truly gifts from the earth and have been used throughout history for their therapeutic benefits.

Our time together will combine the oils with yoga to create an emotional balance that you will not soon forget. The special session weaves together a 90-minute yoga practice with six essential oils under the guidance of Bronwyn Ison.

Bronwyn head shotYou will see why we are so blessed to have Bronwyn leading us. She is a gifted and experienced yoga instructor who has a deep passion for sharing her knowledge with others. Bronwyn's talent and commitment to yoga have long been recognized. She has taught at the most prestigious clubs in the country and is an ambassador for luluemom athletica as well as for LARABAR, the gluten-free snack bars. You have also probably seen her insightful articles in the CV Weekly, Desert Health News, The Gem, and elsewhere.

We have provided an easy-to-use signup page. Early registration is $27; same-day signups are $35. Please register today or by November 6 to guarantee a space for your mat.

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." Robert Brault

Surrender and receive!

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PS – In the spirit of Thanksgiving try to bring some nonperishable food items to donate. We will deliver them to our local food bank.